Module 8

Musical Theme


We have all experienced critical moments in life where beating ourselves up about past mistakes too often creates a negative impact on the quality of happiness in our lives. Constantly overthinking the anguish felt about a particular decision or situation doesn’t help it get resolved, it just adds an additional layer of internal turmoil for our psyche to deal with. Spending excessive time inside of our own heads reliving the struggles of everyday life or relationship issues can stunt the possibility of ever moving forward past the anxiety with gained wisdom. Sometimes overthinking is triggered by mental illness that needs to be addressed professionally in order to break free from the detrimental cycle. These tracks below, in varied genre’s, musically express the internal suffering through their lyrics and melody felt by so many people in the world. Oftentimes, just hearing about the actual fight of overthinking itself through song can help release the nasty stigma of having mental health issues. Listening to music that we can relate to on a personal level can feel extremely therapeutic, especially in the moment of crisis, and possibly lend itself as a helping hand out of the vicious cycle of overthinking. Music offers itself up as the first step towards getting help and feeling stronger. Though I’m fortunate enough to not suffer from the traditional descriptions of ‘mental illness’ as generally described, the full spectrum of turmoil caused by overthinking is inescapable by anyone. We all want to do better, be better, and have better in our future so we constantly worry about the impacts of every, single decision we make. Overthinking is what binds us all together as human beings.

“When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you.” ~ Brittany Landry

“Overthinking” by Mickey Valen ft. Mothika Album – Overthinking (DANCE/ELECTRO)

Reminiscing about an old flame and not being able to let go of the good memories no matter how hard she tries. She realizes that her partner’s love for her is superficial and only reciprocated when it’s convenient for him. Every time she forgives him and runs back after believing whatever lies and excuses he feeds her, she gets hurt and disappointed. She desperately wants to stop the cycle of pain he inflicts on her heart. Even though she clearly understands romantic feelings towards him still exist, she feels strong enough to begin healing by not constantly overthinking ways she could have made their relationship work.

Emotions: Hurt, Sorrow, Regret, Empowered, Relieved, Wise

Tempo: Adante (walking pace) Melody: Catchy Consonance: High

“Overthinking” by Orla Gartland – YouTube upload/ 2018 (Acoustic)

**My personal favorite song about overthinking** Desperate to understand why she struggles so much with her endless cycle of negative thoughts and doubt. Feels extremely guilty and embarrassed when she does speak to people about her problems when seeking answers, further perpetuating her cycle of anxiety. Unable to ever get sufficient sleep at night due to rambling thoughts stuck in her head that either keep her up, or wake her. Needs to understand why her mind is so broken so she can begin breaking free of her mental illness.

Emotions: Inadequate, Frustrated, Resentful, Suffering, Sorrow, Guilty, Mortified, Confused, Lonely, Disgust, Depressed, Sadness, Overwhelmed.

Tempo: Allegro (fast) Melody: Lyrical, Original, Soulful Rhthym: Alternating

“Overthink” by Taylor Shaw Album – Intuition 2018 (POP)

Trying to convince the woman he wants to be with to just not overthink the moment with practicality, but instead follow her heart and feelings and to not deny that they are perfect together. That he isn’t going to disappoint her because needing to be with her is all consuming. He accepts whatever he discovers about her so she is free to be herself when she’s with him.

Emotions: Longing, Rapture, Desire, Attraction, Hopeful

Tempo: Largo (slow) Melody: Rhythmic, Catchy Dynamics: Harmonious

“Overthinking” by Hands Like Houses Album – Anon 2018 (ROCK)

**Video produced by Colin BRITTAIN :D** Keeps overthinking reasons to remain in a relationship with someone who only pretends to listen and ‘get him.’ He realizes it’s hard enough to deal with his own feelings in the relationship and doesn’t need to carry the weight of his partner’s burden. He can’t keep overthinking ways to ignore how empty he feels when with her because she only speaks her side, and her needs are all that count between them, his needs are passed off and not even recognized or considered.

Emotions: Rage, Disgust, Panic, Neglected, Anxious, Hostile, Jealous, Resentful, Agony

Tempo: Presto (very fast) Melody: Lyrical, Heavy drumbeats Rhythm: Fast Beats

“The Writer” by Breakdown of Sanity Album – Perception 2013 (METALCORE) Lyrics

Pure confusion, anger, beats are high pitched from beginning to very end. Lyrics are indistinguishable like crazy, erratic thoughts in a hostile mind having no fixed course for conclusion. Certain beats have same rhythmic quality like cycling thoughts or emotions.

Emotions: Rage, Hate, Anger, Hysterical, Hostile

Tempo: Presto (very fast) Melody: Loud, Aggressive

“Overthinking” by Jae Zole Album – Overthinking 2021 (HIP HOP)

Is constantly worrying that he’s going to lose the girl he loves because he has undeniable trust issues that he doesn’t know how to stop. Wants her to know that she isn’t doing anything wrong, he just can’t stop overthinking the multiple ways for their relationship to end badly. If they fight, will she run back to an ex-boyfriend? When she doesn’t respond (texts, calls) it exacerbates his insecurities, then he resorts to drinking and thinking bad thoughts, then jumping to conclusions that cause real problems in their relationship that weren’t even there prior to his accusations.

Emotions: Jealous, Inadequate, Worried, Scared, Guilty, Powerless, Shameful, Sentimental

Tempo: Moderato (moderate pace) Melody: Soft, Lyrical Rhythm: Flowing

“Overthinking” By Bearcubs ft. Narou Album – Early Hours 2020 (NEW WAVE-SYNTH)

Completely encompassed in their love with each other that nothing else has meaning or true significance anymore. All that matters is being together, the rest of the world falls away. At times, bits of fleeting fear of it all ending creep in, but overall they are following their own rules and don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about it.

Emotions: Enthralled, Tenderness, Peaceful, Romantic, Euphoric, Satisfied, Content, Sentimental

Tempo: Largo (slow) Melody: Rhythmic Ostinato

“Life In Monochrome” plus “Overthinking” by Romans Album – Overthinking Part- 1 2015 (SOUL) Lyrics

Trying to explain that love can’t be overthought, it comes naturally. Love can’t be determined by past experiences, so stop the repetitive cycle of looking for flaws that don’t exist. If always searching for one or making small issues into larger ones, problems will materialize and be the cause of the end. Simply understanding that love should be enjoyed and felt within the heart, not overthinking it with too much reasoning.

Emotions: Regretful, Confused, Lost, Despair, Disillusioned, Neglected, Displeased

Tempo: Presto (very fast) Melody: Rythmic, Alternating, Lyrical Rhythm: Flowing

“Overthunk” by Big Boi Album – Boomiverse 2017 (RAP)

This song is all over the place. Very immature background sounds with undesired vocals and lyrics that do not make sense. No clear sense of order or meaning. (Frantic concerns about life and not knowing where to turn for help)

Emotions: Isolated, Agitated, Chasing, Confused, Disillusioned

Tempo: Adante (walking pace) Melody: repetitive background, strong talking lyrics

Entire Album – Your Overthinking It dedicated to overthinking 2018 (LOFI CHILLHOP) Lyrics

Lyrics sound so soft and unconfident as if someone is hiding behind a mask of insecurity and too afraid to join life. Background ticking translates to rapid mind not being able to calm down its thoughts and running faster than the rest of the beats in the song (life)

Emotions: Insecure, Lost, Scared, Longing, Sentimental

Tempo: Largo (slow) guitar Heartbeat-like rhythm Melody: Soothing, Soft, Whisper Rhythm: Steady

“Overthinking” by Dubio & Godmode Album Single – Overthinking 2020 (ELECTRONIC)

Look inside your mind, focus, and make a final decision using internal faith and trust in your choices so you can be done with indecisions and finally move on with your life.

Emotions: Doubt, Regret, Hopeful, Stimulated, Optimistic

Tempo: Moderato (moderate pace) Melody: Lyrically loud, background is consistently repetitive Rhythm: Regular beats

“Stop Overthinking Love” by XXXTentacion x Bryson Thiller – SoundCloud 2019 (R&B)

Sounds of the background beats are soft, smooth, repetitive (thoughts inside head swirling around in deep thought) Vocals are shrill, expected but random, strong, repetitive (how the thoughts sound as they’re being released/expressed out loud, full of anxiety, dismay, irritation)

Emotions: Astonished, Random, Resentful

Rhythm: Gentle, pulses like heartbeat. Timbre: Brassy, Shrill, Rough, Irritable

I’ve included two very different sounding jazz songs to convey the differences between overthinking.

“Stop Overthinking” by Composer Marco Rinaldo Album – Friday Jazz 2021 (JAZZ)

Gives the hearer a cycled melody of a merry-go-round style sound of temporary overthinking to a very simple thought or situation that doesn’t reflect an emotional toll being put on the psyche. Saxophone gives repetitive hi’s & low’s. Tempo is high pitched and seemingly confused. Background playfulness of instruments sounds childish and makes me feel lost.

Emotions: Enthusiastic, Jubilation, Zeal, Delighted, Jovial, Stimulated, Awestruck, Amazed

Tempo: Adante (walking pace) Melody: Playful, Boisterous, Trumpet leads song.

“Stop Overthinking” by Composer: Giordano Trivellato Composer: Giuliano Sacchetto Album – Midnight Jazz Mix 2018 (JAZZ)

The melody of this song is very “screechy” and invokes a painful struggle in the mind. It’s a sound of extreme annoyance, like being driven crazy by an unsolvable problem that cannot be fixed or solved. A painful, long, agonizing cry for help for absolutely anybody to listen or offer advise. The guitar strings are being pulled hard and lengthy with aggravation. Sharpness repeats throughout to convey frustration.

Emotions: Sad, Helpless, Panic, Aggravated, Agony, Irritable, Annoyed, Displeased, Jealousy, Upset, Worried, Unsettled, Angry

Melody: Erratic, Sporadic, Aggressive Rhythm: Hi’s & Low’s

“Shake It Out” by Florence & the Machine Album – Ceremonial 2011 (GOTHIC GOSPEL)

“Regrets collect like old friends here your darkest moments… I can see no way…I can never leave the past behind…I’m always dragging [around]…issues strong…would I take any of it back…final mess..left me so empty…damned if I do and damned if I don’t…”

Emotions: Enlightened, Empowered, Hopeful, Enthusiastic, Regretful, Knowing, Wise, Secure

Tempo: Presto (very fast) Melody: Bright Uplifting Lyrics, High Pitched Rhythm: Repetitive, Strong Drumbeat

“Overthinking” by Cloe Wilder Album – Overthinking 2019 (INDIE)

Her own mind has gotten to the point that she can no longer function rationally because she doubts every decision she has to make. Feeling emotionally lost and stuck inside her own head which has become a waking nightmare for her. It’s getting impossible to find the worry free person she used to be and is begging for someone to help her mental wellness. Her life has become contained in her own personal bubble of anxiety and can’t find her way to back to the normal world again without help.

Emotions: Dread, Panic, Confused, Dread, Helpless, Lost, Alone, Longing, Frightened

Tempo: Largo (slow) Melody: Slow-Paced, Random Rhythm: Varied

“Overthinking” by Mathew Lupino ft. Alex M. Brinkley Album – Closure 2020 (EMOTIONAL GUITAR RAP)

Discovery of an affair has led to hatred and looking for clues of who was at fault in the relationship and how it could have happened. Thoughts cycling in his head about feeling foolish and he can’t let go of visions about her with another man. He sits and constantly contemplates the best way to rid himself of her memory.

Emotions: Angry, Hostile, Disappointed, Hate, Disgust, Contempt

Tempo: Moderato (Moderate pace) Melody: Quick to Slow, Smooth

“Overthinking” by Acid Ghost Album – I Want to Hide My Face & Die 2015 (ACOUSTIC ROCK)

His singing is so faint to hear it could be described as ghostly.

Emotions: Insecure, Afraid, Inadequate, Sadness, Exhausted, Deflated, Uninspired

Tempo: Largo (slow) Melody: Soft, Smooth, Low-Toned Singing almost Whispering Rhythm: Regular, Monotone

“Keeping Everything Inside” by Sophia Pecora Album – Overthinking 2021 (POETRY POP)

Feeling invisible to the world. Wondering if anybody will ever be able to see her true feelings and expose her deepest thoughts. Keeping depression and anxieties hiding inside her own head and not sharing them out loud. Every day is always the same, she wants to break free of her struggling thoughts that continually fester.

Emotions: Insecure, Helpless, Envy, Jealous, Sadness, Neglected, Isolated, Powerless, Anxious, Lonely, Contempt

Tempo: Moderato (moderate pace) Melody: Upbeat, Happy Rhythm: Flowing

“Gasoline” by Halsey Album – Badlands 2015 (ELECTROPOP)

Song about repetitive thoughts that are racing around in the mind, not able to be controlled, can hinder everyday thinking processes and eventually become extremely debilitating.

Emotions: Hostile, Resentful, Frustrated, Inferior, Contempt

Tempo: Moderato (moderate pace) Melody: Theme, Lyrically Heavy, Varied but Smooth, Heartfelt Rhythm: Progressive

“Inner Demons” by Julia Brennan Album – Inner Demons 2016 (FOLKPOP)

Song about how we constantly have to deal, and sometimes fight, our inner demons that forever plague our inner soul and force us to reexamine our former life decisions with too much doubt. Explaining how hard it is to fight thoughts that don’t fight fair or go away easily. We need help to gain proper control of our struggles and efficiently take the pain, fear, and heartache of regret from our past decisions in order to move on with our lives and be truly free and happy.

Emotions: Sorrow, Defeat, Overcome, Helpless, Worried

Tempo: Andante (walking pace) Melody: High to Low Pitch, Soft, Lyrics Monotone Rhythm: Background instrumentals repetitive. Same Theme Throughout

“Overthink” by Savannah Sgro Album – Phobia 2019 (“SAD GIRL” POP)

Nighttime is the worst for her to turn off her worries. She overthinks her problems to the point where she feels broken and exhausted with herself. She no longer trusts her own emotional feelings or know how to distinguish which truths are real, and which ones are made up by her over-exaggerating mind.

Emotions: Nervous, Confused, Insecure, Suffering, Despair, Powerless

Tempo: Presto (very fast) to None Melody: Peppy, High Pitched Lyrics Rhythm: Catchy, Varied

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